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BOXTRAB Surge Protection Devices

BOXTRAB is a state-of-the-art surge protective device (SPD) that combines protection for power, data, and signal – all within the same enclosure. Phoenix Contact has offered various BOXTRAB products over the years, and this update delivers an expanded family with the same great protection and groundbreaking features – now configurable and field upgradeable. Also, for the first time, the family offers high-quality 316L stainless-steel enclosure versions for industrial processing applications involving chemicals. This provides a higher corrosion resistance, especially against chlorides and chlorinated solutions.

The BOXTRAB series offers 14 standard configurations. Four are power only, each with a different power PLT-SEC surge protective device. The other three are power and signal combinations. All versions can be customized or upgraded in the field as required for specific applications.

Polycarbonate Enclosure, Clear Front Cover

Wall-mounted NEMA 4X Polycarbonate enclosure for surge protection.  Divided compartment ready for additional isolated loop protection. Dimensions: 130 x 180 x 102 mm.  See options below.


Power & Signal

316L Stainless Steel Enclosure, LED in Door

Wall-mounted NEMA 4X 316L stainless steel enclosure for surge protection. Divided compartment ready for additional isolated loop protection. Dimensions 159 x 241 x 109 mm.  See options below.


Power & Signal

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