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Hardy’s new HI 4050+ is a fast, high-resolution weight controller that helps to reduce your labor content, speed your production throughput, and improve the quality and safety of your end product. The HI 4050+ acts as a front end weight controller to a PLC, PC or DCS system. It also operates as a standalone weight controller or monitor.

Fast and Stable Weight Readings

With a selectible update rate of 100 or 250 updates per second, WAVERSAVER conditioning and Hardy’s new WAVERSAVER+ patent pending adaptive filtering algorithms, the HI 4050+ displays accurate, stable rate readings fast. With a processed weight resolution of 1:30,000 and an addressable resolution of 1:100,000, the HI 4050+ is precise and accurate.

Highly Configurable

Configure your HI 4050+ weight controller to suit your specific weighing application:

  • With or without display
  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, DeviceNet,
  • ControlNet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU,
  • Profibus, Remote I/O, or Analog interfaces
  • Panel, DIN rail, remote or wall mount
  • Either AC or DC power
  • Weight by rate

Easy Set-Up

Use the embedded Webserver to set up instrument parameters from anywhere on the Ethernet network. Setup is quick and easy with the front panel keys and LCD display. A Rockwell Add-On-Profile (AOP) makes it easy to configure with RSLogix.

Ease of Installation

Just drill or punch standard holes in your panel and attach the front panel keyboard display to the panel front. The weight controller housing can be attached to the rear of the panel, wall or remotely, up to 100 feet away. Or connect to a DIN rail. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or offset to make use of available space.

Secure Memory Module (SMM-SD)

Hardy’s rear panel accessible SMM is more than just a memory card – it uses a standard Secure Digital (SD) memory card. The card allows easy expansion, the transfer of data from one instrument to another, and is readable on your PC.

C2® Electronic Calibration

C2 enables electronic calibration of the weigh system without test weights. This saves system start-up costs and aggravation. Of course, even if C2 certified load sensors are not used, the system can still be calibrated the slow, traditional way using certified test weights.


INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN, used in conjunction with an IT Junction Box, provides built-in system diagnostics that enable you to troubleshoot and diagnose your weighing system. You can read individual load sensor voltages and weights, make comparisons, and isolate individual system components for quick and easy troubleshooting even if those components are inaccessible.

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