Hardy Caseweighers

Fast and accurate weight readings for items in motion

Hardy Process Solutions

The Hardy Caseweigher is fully-automated scale system designed to continuously weigh items while in-motion.

It is designed for SIMPLICITY using off-the-shelf components and a PLC control platform to afford users enough FLEXIBITY to meet both current and future control needs.

The heart of the machine, which delivers fast, accurate, and stable weight readings, continues to be based on Hardy’s HI 4050CW high-performance check weight controller and a Hardy C2® load cell. The check weight controller can communicate seamlessly both upstream and downstream across the Connected Enterprise Network when built with either an Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ PLC or via an optional EtherNet/IP® connection when built with a standard PLC Platform.

Featuring a large touch screen HMI display, operators can easily navigate between different product recipes or adjust machine set-up parameters. The open frame is constructed of durable round tube that is available in either painted or stainless steel.

Maintenance-free motorized drive rollers further eliminate the complexities typical of chain or pulley conveyor drive systems.

Continuously weighs items while in-motion

Hardy Checkweigher

Watch Hardy’s Checkweigher in action!


Hardy Caseweigher Brochure with Rockwell Automation

Hardy Caseweigher Data Sheet with Rockwell Automation

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