System Components & Data Managers

System Components & Data Managers

Measuring technology is required to do far more than simply record the measured value – and system components are needed to complete the measuring point. The measuring devices must be powered and protected, the measured value displayed or further processed, limit values must be monitored and analyzed, and data must be securely recorded.

Our line of components and data managers provide the ideal solution to carry out these tasks. These system components not only carry out the basic functionality, they increase your plant availability based on predictive maintenance information and optimize your process by controlling directly at field level and use sophisticated calculation methods to measure energy consumption.

  • Data Managers & Data Loggers
  • Process Indicators & Control Units
  • Process Transmitters & Limit Switches
  • Energy Managers & Application Managers
  • Power Supplies & Barriers
  • Gateways & Modems
  • Device Configuration Tablets
  • Wireless Hart Solutions
  • Surge Arresters

For more information on specific products, please visit manufacturers website. JPR Systems will provide you with a quote, lead time and assist you with placing an order.

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