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Proline Promag H 500 – Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Promag H is the preferred sensor for hygienic applications with highest requirements in the food and beverage and life sciences industries. With its innovative remote transmitter Promag H 500 maximizes installation flexibility and operational safety in demanding environments.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 5H5B40-AAINADDDFAABBDGFASGBA1+LP Promag H 500, 5H5B40, DN40 1 1/2″ $1,200.00
1 5H5B1H-AAINADDDFAABBDGFASGBA1+LP Promag H 500, 5H5B1H, DN100 4″ $1,200.00


Promag W 400 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Measures volume flow, conductivity and mass flow. It features certified corrosion protection for underground or permanent underwater installation making it an ideal fit in water, wastewater and custody transfer industries. The bidirectional measuring principle is not dependent on pressure, density, temperature and viscosity. Because it has no moving parts, the Promag W 400 is maintenance-free and applications suffer no pressure loss due to cross-section constriction.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
4 5W4C40-AAELIA0AUA1K0A Promag W 400, 5W4C40, DN40 1 1/2″ $  745.00
1 5W4C2H-AAALHP1BHA1KGA+AAI7 Promag W 400, 5W4C2H, DN200 8″ $1,200.00

Radar Micropilot FMR67

The standard sensor for highest demands in bulk solids level measurement with 80GHz technology.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 FMR67-D9M6/0 Micropilot FMR67 $  980.00

Field Xpert SMT70

HART, PROFIBUS DP/PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus, and Endress+Hauser service protocols (CDI, ISS, IPC and PCP) . This tablet PC is designed as a complete solution that comes with pre-installed driver libraries and is an easy-to-use, touch-enabled tool used to manage field instruments during their entire life cycle.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 SMT70-C11CL1BAAMX+MEMFP1P3 Field Xpert SMT70 $4,000.00

Liquiphant FTL51 Vibronic Point Level Detection

Point level switch with extension tube for use in hazardous areas with all international certificates. Useable in all industries. FTL51 offers functional safety SIL2/SIL3. Reliable measurement values not affected by changing media properties, flow, turbulences, gas bubbles, foam, vibrations or build-up.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
7 FTL51-QGM2CB4E5A Liquiphant  CB = 8″ long $    455.00

Cerabar PMP21 Pressure Transducer

Cost-effective pressure transducer with metal sensor for measurement in gases or liquids.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
3 PMP21-AA1U1SBWJJ Pressure transducer 0-600 psig $   190.00
endress hauser memosen

Digital 4-Electrode Conductivity Sensor Memosens CLS82D

Memosens conductive conductivity sensor for hygienic applications in Life Sciences, Pharma and Food

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 CLS82D-AAHAA Memosens CLS82D 4- Electrode Conductivity Sensor CL82D-10F9/0 $      99.00
Endress Hauser FMU30

Prosonic FMU30 Ultrasonic Sensor

Cost effective all-round instrument for level applications in liquids and bulk solids

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 FMU30-1061/0 Prosonic T FMU30 Ultrasonic Sensor FMU30-AAHGAARGF $  285.00
Endress Hauser LIquiphant

Liquiphant T FTL20

The Liquiphant T FTL20 is a level limit switch for all kinds of fluids and is used in tanks, containers and
pipelines. Used in cleaning and filtering systems and coolant and lubricant tanks as an overspill protection or as a pump protector.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 FTL20-0310 Liquiphant T FTL20 $  45.00
Endress Hauser Liquicap

Liquicap Capacitive Level Transmitter

For continuous level and interface measurement in liquids.

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 FMI51 Liquicap Capacitive Level Transmitter $  145.00
Endress Hauser CAV 800

CAV800 Maintenance Kit LiquiSystem CA8x

Kit for Analyzer CA80

Qty. Part No. Description Price
2 71229483  CAV800 Maintenance Kit LiquiSystem CA8xMI5 $  50.00
Endress Hauser CAT 820

Kit CAT820/860

Kit for sample preparation systems: Maintenance CAT820/860

Qty. Part No. Description Price
1 71326150 Kit CAT820/860 $  50.00

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