Constant product quality, plant safety and economic efficiency are a few of the important aspects for any level measuring point. With market leading level measurement devices, our portfolio of products enables reliable and efficient management of bulk liquids.

  • A variety of level measurement technologies including:

  • Guided Radar

  • Hydrostatic

  • Ultrasonic

  • Vibronic

  • Capacitance

  • Servo

  • Conductive

  • Radiometric

  • Differential

  • Electromechanical

  • Float Switches
  • Rotary Paddle Switches
  • Microwave Barrier Emitters & Receivers

  • Float & Tape Gauges
  • Radar Gauges
  • Servo Tank Gauges
  • Tactical Instruments
  • Transmitters
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Data Capture Units
  • Operator Interface Terminals

  • Tankside Monitors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Mobile Devices
  • Integrated Software Applications

  • Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges
  • Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
  • Bypass Chambers

For more information on specific products, please visit manufacturers website. JPR Systems will provide you with a quote, lead time and assist you with placing an order.

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