Liquid Analyzers

Environmental protection, consistent product quality, process optimization and safety –​ are just a few reasons why liquid analysis is becoming increasingly essential. Liquids such as water, wastewater, beverages, dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals have to be analyzed day in and day out. We offer a portfolio of reliable liquid analytical equipment from leading manufacturers, providing accurate and repeatable solutions for maintaining and controlling even the most demanding process applications with unparalleled ease of operation.

  • SENCOM™ SMART Digital Sensors

  • Turbidity & Chlorine Analyzers
  • pH and ORP Analyzers & Sensors

  • Conductivity Analyzers & Sensors
  • Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

  • Analyzers to measure:

    Dissolved Oxygen –  Sodium – Silica – Hardness – Filming Amines – Hydrazine – Disinfectants – Phosphate – Copper – Ammonia – Iron – Ethylene Glycol – Dissolved Hydrogen – Chlorine – Oil in Water

  • Sequence Analyzers for Automatic Stream Switching

  • Multi Conductivity Analyzers, Degas, Cation, and Calculated pH

  • Analyzer Calibration Kits for Waltron, Swan, Thermo Fischer and HACH

  • Sample Conditioning Modules

  • Inline Process Refractometer PIOX R721 – Hygienic Design Variant

  • Inline Process Refractometer PIOX R721 – Chemical Design Variant

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