Gas & Flame Detection

The oil and gas industry, industrial manufacturing, and their potentially hazardous and combustible materials, require gas and flame detection and monitoring solutions to protect employees, residents and the surrounding area from dangerous or life-threatening situations. Early detection and fast response are critical. We offer a complete line of durable and reliable detection and monitoring instruments.

  • Fixed Gas Detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Flame and Vapor Control
  • Leak Detectors
  • Open-Path Fence Line Monitoring
  • Controllers
  • Fire & Gas Systems
  • Calibration Kits & Accessories
  • Portable Gas Detection Devices

Download MSA’s Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Brochure

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X5000 Gas Monitor – Total Cost of Ownership Calculator Calculate your savings with this handy cost calculator and see how MSA stacks up against any competitor.

Fixed Gas & Flame Detection for the Water and Wastewater Industries

Combustion risks are present even in the water and wastewater industries. Keep your workers and worksites safe with fixed gas and flame detection devices used in the water and wastewater industries from MSA.


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