Network Automation & Wireless Solutions

Getting measurement and control signals to and from your instruments is central to your automation strategy. Yokogawa supports a wide variety of Fieldbus technologies, including conventional 4-20mA, wired digital networks, and HART. These technologies are employed at the device, host, and solution level, depending on your needs.

  • Sushi Sensor – Wireless Pressure, Temperature and Vibration Sensors for Industrial IoT (IIoT) Learn More

  • Wireless Temperature Transmitters

  • Wireless Adapters
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Network Converters

  • Device Smart Communicators
  • Mobile Field Device Management (FieldMate)

  • HART Communicator

  • Mobile Maintenance App
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • HawkEye 365™ Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Monitoring System

  • CONNEX 3D™ Wireless Cellular Process Monitor

  • CONNEX 3D™ Online Asset Monitoring Portal

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