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“Selecting instruments can be a daunting task.  Vanessa Allis, Account Manager at JPR, consistently goes that extra mile to make certain instruments are properly selected, configured and delivered within the promised delivery dates.”

Mark Koebrick, Sr. Process Specialist, Barry Wehmiller Design Group

“After a lot of research, we decided that JPR Systems was the best fit to help with our application.  And they have tremendous customer service, as my representative was available right away with a simple phone call.”

Dylan Zable, Water Operations, City of Corcoran, CA

“Thanks again Geoff (Wickens) for your help and excellent customer service!”

Matthew Nausin, Maintenance Manager, Veolia North America

Thank you Roz (Young) for all of your assistance today, you saved my hide… Thank you for the quote.  We will get the order out shortly. It was a pleasure working with you.

Jeff Kolacek, Associate, Max Process Equipment

“Everyone from Conrey Giles to the upper management at JPR have been very helpful with our situation. I just was wanted to thank everyone for the support we received.

Lukasz Niedojadlo, Project Manager, KDC Systems Los Angeles

“JPR Systems is a great company and tops in service!”

James Kerr, President, Kerco, Inc.

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“Thanks for the quick turnaround on pricing!”

Mitchell Kinyon, Sales Estimator, Tesco Controls, Inc. 

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