Measurement instruments designed to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam is our specialty. With multiple technologies, JPR Systems is able to offer the right technology for your specific application.

Non-invasive ultrasonic technology has many advantages over traditional “wetted” sensors. With FLEXIM technology, the transducers are simply mounted to the customer’s existing pipe, with little to no limits. FLEXIM flowmeters measure any liquid, most industrial gases, steam and superheated steam, whether it is very hot or very cold, or moving through a small pipe (1/4″) to a very large pipe (180″).

For applications where an inline flow sensor is required, Yokogawa provides a range of highly-accurate and reliable flowmeter instruments including Coriolis, magnetic, vortex, variable area, and differential pressure and multi-variable flowmeters.

Our partner, Sage Metering, is the innovative manufacturer of the Prime thermal mass and natural gas flow meter for use in environmental and industrial applications.

Flexim The Measurement Principal
  • Coriolis Flowmeters for Liquid and Gas from ¼” to 8”

  • Magnetic Flowmeters for Conductive Liquids from 1″ to 72”

  • Vortex Flowmeters for Steam, Liquids and Gas from ½” to 16”

  • Rotameters (Variable Area Flowmeters) for Liquids and Gas from ½” to 6”

  • Differential Pressure (DP) and Multi-Variable Flow

  • Industrial Thermal Mass Flowmeters with Bluetooth option

  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters

  • Validation and Configuration Software

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